Risk Management 

Financial institutions are now more than ever exposed to critical situations such as economic pressures, increased risks and aggressive lending which have determined a series of problems in correctly and effectively managing their balance sheets. The results of these deficiencies may determine regulators to take drastic measures upon close examinations of the financial institutions. In consequence, this complex and challenging business landscape determines investors, policy makers, lenders and consumers to look for the expertise of professionals with a wide experience in multiple industries.

The risks associated with IT and compliance processes, and business procedures are higher than ever and this makes both stakeholders and management team extremely vulnerable. Our consulting firm offers risk management services designed to urgently and effectively resolve these challenges with our skilled compliance, risk management and governance expertise. We help companies build trust, confidence and peace of mind by using some of the most innovative and high performance risk management techniques.

Our experienced staff is prepared to effectively assess risks, regulations, compliances, liquidity and capital issues ensuring a quick and successful resolution for the challenges your organization is experiencing. Our professionals will work closely with your management team to determine the risks and opportunities, build strategies, and develop a general agreement within your company to render and apply solutions that will lead to the settlement of any complex challenge.

Whenever and wherever you may need to develop an internal audit plan, improve internal controls or find ways to leverage IT and systems functions, we can assist you in achieving the goals of corporate stakeholders while establishing an infrastructure for sustainable governance. Our risk management services include: compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, IT Compliance and Internal Audit.

We have ensured the resolution of countless high risk situations both for private companies and for public organizations, proving that by approaching the challenge with effective tools and expertise, we can ensure the success of any business.

Our Risk Services Approach

  1. Assessing the Issue

We will first review your current risk program and we will make a thorough comparison with the best know practices. By doing this we will measure the effectiveness of your current program and also recognize the areas that need to be improved.

  1. Creating Solutions

We will work closely with your company to build a strategic analysis of your risk landscape. We will develop a guide of how to target your strategic goals, and help you create the basis of your action plan.

  1. Sustain the risk program

Our staff will assist you in implementing and sustaining the risk program. This way you will be on the right track of achieving your goals.