EU, US and Chinese Markets Grow As Oil Slips

The recent moves in the health and drug production market both in Europe as well as the U.S. have led to a stronger dollar and a rising equity market while stocks from China have reached their highest value in the last seven years after plans detailing the government backed Silk Road trade route with Europe have been announced.

A Strong Dollar Is Good For The U.S. Economy

While the U.S. dollar has managed to gain a lot of ground against other major currencies in the last couple of months, the counter effect on the economy and corporate profits can be quite serious; at least that’s what some industry representatives are saying, with talk of a profit recession being a real possibility if the trend continues according to some corporate voices.

Debit Cards Are Growing In Popularity In The U.S.

What was considered a useless and highly ineffective way to manage finances just a decade ago, has become a popular product that is highly desirable with most young adults today. We are talking about the prepaid debit card, a product which most young adults, particularly millennials have come to use quite frequently.