Financial Advisory

Our company offers experienced financial consulting services in a broad range of functions and roles meant to guide organizations towards the success of their financial operations. The extensive expertise of our team of high qualified professionals can assist

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Investment Services

Here we try to improve your real estate position by promoting a series of management options that may include the development of professional portfolios of real estate, single tenant net leases, multi-family properties, hotels, industrial parks, etc.

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Risk Management

Financial institutions are now more than ever exposed to critical situations such as economic pressures, increased risks and aggressive lending which have determined a series of problems in correctly and effectively managing their balance sheets. The results of these deficiencies may determine regulators to take drastic measures

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We Are Commited to

Our highly-skilled professionals have extended expertise in risk management, financial operations, compliance, transactions, IT, professional search and restructuring. Each challenge that affects our client’s business is handled with a high degree of professionalism and resolved by creating innovative and effective solutions designed to guarantee success.

Our broad experience in handling challenges generated by the business environment is dedicated to the belief that the goals of your organization are our number one priority. Therefore, we are determined to help you optimize technology utilization and financial operations by providing personalized consulting services.

We have a proven track record for providing skilled expertise and valuable support to achieve business objectives to a wide range of organizations across multiple industries. Our performances vary from strategic support for implementing new technologies and processes to interim consulting for preventing resources shortfalls.

  • Real Estate Consulting 80%
  • Tax Advisor Services 65%
  • Regulatory Risk Assessment 95%

Our Work Flow

Free Consultation

Ensure the success of your business by enjoying free expertise in compliance, financial operations and risk management.

Strategic Planning

Building a strategic analysis and designing sustainable solutions for your risk environment creates opportunities for your company.


By employing effective tools and extended expertise we can ensure the resolution of any high risk situation.

Our finance consulting company has dedicated its experience to serving all important areas of the financial services industry. From banking and insurance to security distribution and wealth management, our expertise has always been focused on providing the highest degree of quality for all our customers who are interested in benefiting from the most profitable revenue sources.

What are this year’s best investing strategies?

The post crisis era has ended and this year is a redesigned stage for a return to “normality”, but this so called normality isn’t providing any type of support for high future returns. It will be a complicated year for investors, a year when you will have to know how to balance your risks. If you do not want to go overboard with the risks you are taking then you should accept the fact that you will be getting lower returns. To keep a perfect balance between risk and profit then you should follow these four guidelines for choosing the right investments for you.

  1. U.S. stocks should be your main holding

Stocks are trading at more than 50% above their average making them very expensive. And specialists are estimating lower returns for stocks over the next 10 years. Annual gains will vary between 5% and 8%, as compared with the historical average of 10%.

The result of these forecasts isn’t that you should give up on U.S. stocks. At the moment, the U.S. economy is the healthiest one on the global market even if it isn’t at its peak performance. It represents your best opportunity for staying in front of inflation because even though stocks returns are lower, bond returns will have a negative evolution, meaning that the relative advantage of stocks won’t change.

What is your best strategy in this situation? For those investors who are in their fifties, the best choice is the classic 60% stock/40% bond split, and a change to 50%/50% by retirement. But if you are a twenty or thirty year old investor then you shouldn’t be that concerned about current prices. You can hold 70% to 80% of your portfolio in equities. No one can overstate the power of a dollar invested over 30 to 40 years.

  1. Do not invest in Forex and Binary Options

Forex and Binary Options trading are very popular forms of investment that many people turn to hoping that they will earn high revenues. Binary Options are estimates of the performances of some underlying assets over a certain period of time. Forex is short for “foreign exchanges” and it means trading different currencies based on the fluctuating exchange rates. Today, basically anyone can be a Forex or Binary Options investor as you do not need a lot of capital to start trading. But before you start searching for a Forex broker or a Binary Options trading platform, you should probably consider the disadvantages of these investment options.

Binary options and Forex does not represent a one-way street of success. An unbiased review will reveal its major disadvantages, such as: lack of simulated trading facilities, reduced trading odds for sure-bankers trades, lack of trading tools, limitations on risk management, cost of losing trades and no trade corrections. Also, any objective insight into the depths of Forex investments will make you aware of its cons: the Forex market is fast and volatile, leverage can work against you, online connections may fail, there are many scammers out there looking to steal your identity and the 24-hour trade market can bring you serious financial losses.

What is your best strategy in this situation? Opt for more secure investing options that are not defined by fast and volatile markets, reduced trading odds and scams.

  1. It is important to spread your money widely

Oil prices have fallen 40% in recent months and this may boost some markets because the population is now spending less on gas and more on discretionary buying. Also, central banks in Japan, China and Europe are making some fiscal policy shifts that will surely determine global growth. International equity markets have been trading at considerably low values because many overseas economies are dragged down by geopolitical crises or are barely getting out of recession.

What is your best strategy in this situation? You should spread your money widely. Consider holding 20% to 30% of your stocks in foreign equities, and do not forget that 5% should be represented by emerging markets.

  1. Bonds should be hold for Safety, Not for getting Revenues

Prices and bond rates are currently moving in opposite directions so fixed-income investors have just a few options for the moment. Still, on long term, intermediate-term rates will be under their historical average of 5%. For higher income, you should make riskier investments.

What is your best strategy in this situation? Without takings some risks outside your stock portfolio, you can’t expect higher revenues. You need to accept that the purpose of your bond funds is to ensure safety, not to spend money. You should opt for the highest-rated junk bonds ETFs and mutual funds that keep either investment grade. Also, you shouldn’t base your income just on government issues. To get more yields, turn to corporate bonds.

How do I know if your consulting services are right for my business?

Our firm can assist various types of businesses across multiple industries. However, we will evaluate your company confidentially and determine whether or not we are a good match for your business.

What industries do you specialize in?

During our sustained consulting activity we have proven that we are skilled professionals, able to offer valuable support to a wide range of organizations across multiple industries.

What is the difference between you and other consultants?

Our results make the actual difference between us and other consultants. We actively participate at ensuring the success of our clients through strategic thinking, sustained business planning and effective financial techniques.

What makes your financial consulting services better?

Our financial consulting services are completely flexible and easy to adapt to basically any business model. This has been rigorously tested and approved by countless venture capitalists.

How do you guarantee the results?

Achieving the results is ensured by working closely with our clients. The fulfillment of these goals is conditioned by the synergy between your organization’s efforts and our firm’s extended expertise.

Can you offer client references?

Once we have conducted the initial discussions and we have conditionally agreed on the terms and goals of our partnership, we will be more than glad to offer you client references.

Why don't you list the name of your clients on your website?

Just like you, our clients value their confidentiality and don’t want us to disclose anything about their company. We can mention only the industry and a description of the provided services.

Can we sign a non-disclosure agreement?

After confirming that we are the right choice for your business’ challenge we will sign a non-disclosure agreement that will protect both parties from the disclosure of confidential information.

Is our company too small for you?

It is not about the size of your business, but about the size of your ambitions. If your goals are focused on growth and success then we will do our best to guarantee optimum results.

Will you work with me if I have a limited budget?

Because each client is different, we can personalize our services to suit your situation and budget. Considering that budget, we will adapt the level of work needed for resolving your issue.

Will you work in exchange for equity?

We usually work for a predetermined price that covers the efforts of researching the market and creating a plan, but in exceptional situations we offer a discount in exchange for a percent of sales or an equity stake.

How long does it take?

We usually need 3-6 weeks to complete a financial forecast, business plan and investor presentation, but the actual time is determined by the complexity of the challenge that affects your business.

I need you to deliver your expertise in a week or less.

To ensure a high level of accuracy and quality for all our projects we need at least 3 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot complete all the essential stages of a project in a week or less.

Will you agree with everything I say?

It is our job to help you make the correct decisions so we will always agree with you as long as you’re right. We will offer the necessary data for guiding you towards success.

Who do you work with within the company?

Our staff will work with the management group as well as employees. To generate optimum results for our clients we need to work closely throughout the company together will all employees.

How do we integrate your solutions into our existing structure?

We always adapt our methods to the existing structure of each company we assist. It rarely happens to change something radically within the current processes of your organization.

Can you help me get a patented product on the market?

Before getting the product on the market, we will need to create the go-to-market plan, establish the appropriate execution data and afterwards we will gladly help you commercialize the product.

If I already have a business plan, can you help me build a great presentation for investors?

Poorly designed and executed presentations are the main reason why most entrepreneurs don’t succeed at raising capital. We can help you create and sustain compelling and concise presentations.

How much will you be around?

Our collaboration means our sustained help from the moment we assess your situation to the moment that results start reshaping your business. We will be available even after our work is done.

What happens after your work is done?

Even if our work is done, we will be available for you, at no extra charge. We will gladly offer advice, answer follow-up questions and make small changes to the documents we have provided.

What are the backgrounds of your consultants?

Our team of professionals is formed by consultants that come from numerous different areas and possess a wide experience within HR, management, sales, communications, IT and business development.

Have you developed the model yourselves?

Our company bases its work on extensive research and on its broad experience within a diversity of industries. We have continuously developed models and effective strategies for addressing the numerous different issues that secure the success of a company.

How many of your clients reach their goals?

We offer our services to numerous different types of companies and many customers achieve their objectives, but not all of them achieve all objectives. Still, all our clients reach at least some of the most important goals they have established as we invest all our efforts into making sure that this happens.

Are you worth the money?

We are a team of highly prepared professionals trained to deal and solve an impressive array of critical situations and we will dedicate our full focus and efforts on ensuring that your company achieves its business objectives. So, yes, our hard work is worth the money.

Can you email us samples of your projects?

Unfortunately we cannot send you samples of our projects, but we can meet and show you a few examples of our work so you can decide if we are the right company for the job.

Do you work with clients outside your area?

We are a global company and we offer our services to clients all around the globe. We have had fruitful collaborations with companies across Europe, United States, Asia and Africa.

Denton Consulting Group has helped us consolidate our business strategy and develop an effective risk management plan. Their experienced staff has been very friendly and professional, proving they possess an impressive set of skills and extended expertise within the industry.

Charlotte Derailleur

We asked Denton Consulting Group to assist our organization in drafting a strategic plan for ensuring a stable growth. Our company was growing quickly due to the increasing number of new contracts and this was generating both revenue and new risks for our business.

David Puento

We needed help in preparing a solid business plan for financing and launching our J&C Dental clinic. Denton Consulting Group provided all the help we needed for getting the necessary financing in not time. Thank you Denton Consulting Group!

Jane Mathews

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