Financial Advisory

Our company offers experienced financial consulting services in a broad range of functions and roles meant to guide organizations towards the success of their financial operations. The extensive expertise of our team of high qualified professionals can assist any type of tactical and strategic situations from a variety of industries. From general finance to CFOs, our specialists will effectively asses and resolve the needs of an organization’s financial operations.

There are events that create a temporary spike work and when this happens, companies may not have enough resources available. This is when our qualified staff provides its valuable support on special projects, like a new joint venture, reporting the results of an acquisition or on-demand accounting expertise.

There are many challenges that a company or legal counsel may face at any moment of their activity, but the most common ones are complex business litigations, government enforcement actions, experiencing fraud or allegations of fraud perpetration. Whenever organizations and their counsel are confronted with these unpleasant circumstances they need the experience and expertise of economics, accounting and financial professionals that have the ability of resolving successfully these critical situations. This is when our financial advisory team knows best how to act and react to the events that threaten your business. We offer our services to board members, legal counsels and corporate executives:

Our experts will conduct internal investigations meant to reveal any fraud, account fraud or corruption-related activities.

We will assist the institution in any compliance, anticorruption processes, effective risk management, controls and procedures.

We can provide expert testimony in court.

We will prepare the financial or economic analyses and the valuation models needed for assessing the loss in disputes and antitrust and commercial litigations.

We will use innovative electronic systems and other techniques in litigations or in situations when essential data needs to be mined, preserved, analyzed or reconstructed.

We will conduct financial and economic analysis in a wide spectrum of issues related to antitrust, litigation or other regulatory investigations.

We will run valuations analyses for acquisitions and mergers, bankruptcy and workout, financial reporting, and tax planning services.

We will offer objective and independent critical expertise in situations that imply high risks and need an urgent solution. Each case will be handled by our team who has been carefully trained to resolve the most pressing demands. Their creative skills and professional thinking will be used to offer the expertise your company needs for handling urgent, high-stakes situations.